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Welcome Messages:

It is a pleasure to extend my greetings to all those participating in Celebration 2010.

The Government of Canada is proud to be a partner in the Vancouver/Whistler bid to host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Hosting this high profile event would be a source of great pride for all Canadians. It would also provide an excellent opportunity to showcase our first-rate sporting facilities and equipment, our hospitality to the whole world, as well as the richness of our culture.

Celebration 2010 will bring together artists from across British Columbia. By taking part in the activities on offer at this event, you will be supporting our bid and, at the same time, some of our most talented artists.

I would like to congratulate to the organizers of Celebration 2010 and extend my best wishes to all for a most successful event.

Jean Chrétien

Prime Minister


The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games we hope to see in Vancouver-Whistler in 2010 will be much more than a sport event.
The Games will be accompanied by a wide array of cultural programs that will showcase artists from British Columbia and across Canada to audiences from around the world.

Celebration 2010 is a striking demonstration of the wonderful synergy that can arise from innovative partnerships, community participation and artistic passion. This event, which celebrates not only Canadian culture, but also the many cultures that are at the heart of British Columbians' lives, will certainly act as an important catalyst - both creative and economic - for a lasting, tangible legacy of the 2010 Winter Games for future generations.

As Minister of Canadian Heritage, I am proud to support Celebration 2010. Congratulations to the organizers, artists, and volunteers who helped bring this creative celebration of Canadian culture to life.

Sheila Copps


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Celebration 2010.
This is truly an exciting opportunity that brings British Columbians together to celebrate our province's diverse cultural community through the arts.

This partnership of artists and arts organizations from throughout British Columbia will demonstrate to the world the wealth of our province's artistic talent, while supporting our bid for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Showcasing athletes and their physical achievements is only one pillar of the Olympic movement. Another focuses on the cultural diversities of the region hosting the Games. Art plays an important role in British Columbia. The role of British Columbia's artists and arts organizations will become increasingly important as we move closer to the Olympic Games. Celebration 2010 will help us present this cultural attribute to the world.

I invite you to celebrate with us as we experience the best British Columbia has to offer.

Sincerely, Gordon Campbell



To All Participants:

As the Minister responsible for the 2010 Olympic Bid, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Celebration 2010.

Celebration 2010 is a wonderful and unique opportunity to bring together the cultural and arts communities of our province and include them in the Bid for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The 2010 Games are not only a celebration of sport, but also a celebration of people. British Columbians represent a variety of cultures. This celebration provides our province the ability to share our cultural diversity with the rest of the world now and in 2010.

I am pleased to be part of this Olympic celebration of arts and culture. Celebration 2010 is a legacy for all British Columbians to enjoy.

Sincerely, Ted Nebbeling

Minister of State for Community Charter and 2010 Olympic Bid


Through Celebration 2010, the people of Vancouver will have the opportunity to enjoy the outstanding artistic and cultural talent
of our community as we seek the right to host the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games.

Our city's uniquely diverse arts and cultural community reflects every nation of the world and every possible form of creative endeavour. Through Celebration 2010, we'll be able to enjoy that creativity while strengthening our arts and cultural community.

Vancouver's stunning natural setting makes our city a natural location for winter sports. Celebration 2010 will show our readiness to host the world in the spirit of the Oympiad.

Larry Campbell

Mayor, City of Vancouver


From the start of Whistler's history as a resort community, culture and the arts have been entwined with recreation and sport. After spending the day ice fishing, skating and skiing, local musicians struck up the band for Saturday night socials and storytelling around the fire was the main evening entertainment. Alex Philip published colorful westerns and other early residents expressed the beauty of their surroundings in pencil and watercolor. All was preceded by the First Nations peoples, who etched their deep connection with the land in rock walls.

As Whistler grew, so did a small, but vibrant arts community, and today, our lives are enriched by local artisans whose work reflects the four-season splendor of our mountain environment and the recreation and sport we pursue. Celebration 2010 gives us all a broader canvas on which to express our resort community values and celebrate our way of life. Participate and enjoy.

Hugh O'Reilly

Mayor Resort Municipality of Whistler


The passion and excitement that accompany any Olympic and Paralympic Games stretch far beyond the boundaries of the sports venues. Step inside a host city's theatres, concert halls, art galleries and other cultural spaces -- you are bound to discover sights and sounds that stay with you long after the last medals have been awarded.

Culture is a key component of the Olympic movement, and on this front, Vancouver, Whistler and British Columbia have much to be proud of. The province is home to many of Canada's finest artists, who's innovative and compelling creations are rightfully at home on a world stage.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Celebration 2010, which offers a vibrant taste of the cultural feast that awaits us in the years ahead, should we win the Bid. Enjoy!

Jack Poole

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation


This is just the beginning for British Columbia's cultural community.
If Vancouver is successful in its Bid for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games, artists from Vancouver, BC and Canada will be centre stage, with the world as their audience.

Culture is one of the three pillars of the Olympic movement-as central to the success of any Olympiad as it is to the life of any community. Get involved! See a performance, make some art, sing a song or participate in a public spectacle. Celebration 2010 is what we make of it, and I know that together, we will make something great.

Duncan Low

Producer, Celebration 2010


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